Welcome to my blog!

After two years of actively stating I wanted to start a blog and failing to commit, I am finally able to say- I am starting a blog! Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who bought me my domain name for my 19th birthday, giving me the final push to get started- I am ready to officially enter the blogging lifestyle. I hope to post on this blog a few times a week sharing daily adventures, fitness tips, or life advice. This blog is going to mainly consist of lifestyle posts involving- travel, beauty, fitness, organization, fashion finds, etcetera.


A little bit about myself to get started, I am currently a sophomore at Bryant University (Smithfield, RI) aiming for a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a minor in Spanish alongside a concentration in Marketing. I absolutely adore everything about my school and the people I am surrounded with. The only thing I dislike about my school is that I am 3 1/2 hours away from home,  a bit far for someone who is SO attached to her family and cat.

Around twenty-five years ago, my parents- born and raised in Canada (more on them in a future blog post) moved to the United States to start their own business. They chose a former mill town by the name of Lewiston, Maine- the town in which I was born and thus raised. In September of 1997, they had a wonderful daughter (me), and then in 2002 my dad got tired of constantly playing Barbies, and thus my younger brother, Nicholas, was born. Due to my parents being born and raised in Quebec, Canada, the entirety of my immediate family still resides in Canada to this day. Fun fact about me, my first language is not English, but rather French! Being bilingual is rather interesting at times, people to this day are amazed when they hear me speaking on the phone with my parents.

Despite my extremely French background, my inability to cook is through the roof, which is why I keep my culinary major of a boyfriend around. However, I do enjoy nutrition and healthy eating quite a bit! I could spend hours browsing grocery stores and the internet for new smoothie recipes. Alongside with that, I enjoy exercising frequently, whether that’s going on a hike, playing tennis, attending Zumba class, doing yoga, or going to the gym. I think being good to your body is super important not just for the “now” but also in the long run when you want to be able to keep up with your golden retriever puppy on morning jogs. I also enjoy shopping quite a bit, some of my favorite stores are- Dynamite, Zara, Lululemon, Express, Nike, Sephora, Lush, Aldo, etc. In my free time, I like to try new foodie spots, go shopping with friends, organize/clean everything around me, watch Lost with my boyfriend, spend some quality time with my AOII sisters, and (hopefully) now start actively blogging!bedtime-1Look out for my next blog post sometime this week, have an amazing Monday xoxo


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