The Importance of Goal Setting and Planning

Hola from España! Since I haven’t posted anything in a long time, I neglected to update you guys that (if you don’t follow me on Instagram)… Surprise! I’m currently in Spain studying abroad! I promise to post more about my study abroad experience, things to see while in Europe, and more “fashion” posts etc. in the near future! Studying abroad has truly opened my eyes to everything that I want to accomplish in my lifetime, therefore, I’ve recently put a lot of time into planning my future, and wanted to share some of my best tips with you!

Write down your definition of success

Success can be defined in numerous ways and is expected to vary for each person. Make sure to write down your definition of success, and then use that definition to further create goals. Success can be anything you desire- pursuing happiness, buying a car without any loans, owning 3 different houses, graduating from school Cum Laude, finding your significant other etc. Your definition of success can include as many, or as little things as you’d like, but use this as your finish line, once you’ve reached this point, you have achieved success.

Set long-term and short-term goals

When I first started setting goals, I didn’t recognize the importance of long-term and short-term goals, in reality, this is huge. Separate your goals into 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and lifetime. (More about my personal long-term and short-term goals in another blog post)

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Learn to prioritize your short-term goals, and do something every day to get you closer to accomplishing that goal. For long-term goals, I recommend doing something every week to get you one step closer, because remember, soon enough, your long-term goals will have converted themselves into your short-term goals. Even if this means scrolling through Tinder 10 minutes every day to find your future husband as one of your long-term goals- do it.

Find an inspiration

Find an inspiration or someone who encourages you to better yourself every day. Most days you’ll be your own biggest source of motivation, but some days you might also need a little boost, make sure that on these days, you look to your source of inspiration for motivation. My personal biggest sources of motivation? My dad, various YouTubers, public figures, and Emma Watson. One of my favorite exercises is to think, “What would ________ do?” Eventually, you’ll find that you’ll be saying to yourself “What would [insert your name] do?”. In addition, you could create an inspiration board, make a collage for your phone wallpaper of things that inspire you, or my personal favorite- scroll through Pinterest.

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Purchase an agenda book

Purchase an agenda book to keep yourself accountable! My personal favorite- Passion Planner (Purchase here). While these may not be as ‘cute’ as my past Lilly Pulitzer and Lauren Conrad Planner, I promise you, it will serve you well. Each planner has weekly and daily focuses, a “Good Things that Happened” section, a personal and work to-do lists, monthly reflections, and my personal favorite- a new motivational quote and challenge every week. My planner for me resembles more of a personal journal of my daily life than simply, an extensive list of things I need to do  When I open my planner, I don’t feel stressed, but rather blessed with the vast amount of opportunities coming my way that week instead.

The power of 10 minutes

Spend 10 minutes every night before you go to bed planning out the following day, this makes a world’s difference, I swear by it! Begin by inserting fixed appointments, such as school or work, and then building around that things that matter most to you, i.e. clubs/organizations, the gym, etc. From there, use your prioritized to-do list and assigning a task or two into breaks that have adequate time to complete each task. This will ensure that your most important tasks get done each day while still allowing you to work towards your goals. Voilà you’re done! 10 minutes is all it took to ensure that you’ll have a productive and successful tomorrow.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Plan ahead so that you can achieve your goals. The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment after reaching a new goal makes the effort worth it (promise!). Happy planning and goal setting, look forward to my next blog post on the Emerald Isle- which I may just be writing straight from the Gunniess Factory itself… xoxo until next time.



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